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What about The Drive? It’s all in The Drive. We base our brand on emphasizing the importance of bettering yourself and attaining your goals and success through motivating reminders of why to push forward and get the most out of your life.

We symbolize your powerful mind through the use of the skull because everyone has a skull and has the drive within them. It is whether you use your skull and your drive to better yourself in life. Use your skull and think about what you want to do in life to have a purpose; to make your mark in life, because you only have one.

The drive is what pushes you every day to get to that moment when you know, “I am doing what I said I wanted to always accomplish.” Your drive to want more out of life is what gets you up from bed every morning and moves one foot in front of the other because each step is one step closer to your goal. You must be motivated from within yourself. We, The Drive, are here to keep reminding you to push forward with motivation and discipline. Motivation is great to have to light that fire under your seated ass. When motivation runs out, all you have left is discipline to keep you going. The Drive is motivation and discipline.

Based in Houston, Texas